Samarth Purger : Purger is used for separating light impurities in continuous pulping and discharging system. It is equipped along with D- Type Pulper.. Read More >>>
Samarth Fibresaver : The Fibresaver is used for the Wet preparations of waste paper and for the removal of contaminants and for the forward screening.. Read More >>>
Samarth Ragger : Ragger is used with ‘D’ Hydrapulper machine to remove trash that results from slushing. It is supplied with an adjustable.. Read More >>>
Virgin Bale Pulper
High Density Cleaner
Samarth Decontaminator : The Samarth “Decontaminator” Extractor is designed to extract the stock from the High Consistency Pulper while at the .. Read More >>>
Samarth Virgin Bale Pulper : Consists of Cast rotor with unique mixing vanes for high efficiency with Low specific energy consumption. The Virgin Bale .. Read More >>>
Samarth High Density Cleaner : The high density cleaner cleans pulp, fibres and all kind of stock suspension at consistencies upto 4%. .. Read More >>>
UP Flowscreen
It is ideally suited for eliminating contraries in thick stock preparation system for paper plant based on recycled fibre.. Read More >>>
Samarth UP Flow Screen : Used in Pulp Preparation with high Production Capacity. Designed for the promoting flow type structure. It Rejects Dilution.. Read More >>>
Samarth Fractionating Screen : It is used to split stock into two discrete pulp stocks with different fibre lengths. These independent stocks can .. Read More >>>
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