Samarth MCV Pressure Screen : It is used for eliminating contraries in thick stock preparation system The Operating consistencies is between..  Read More >>>
Samarth LCV Pressure Screen : It is used for fine screening of pulp in stock preparation or ahead of paper machine at Low consistency of 0.5 – 1.2 %... Read More >>>
Samarth Deinking System : This comprises of series of Primary Cells and Secondary Cells fitted with injector nozzles through which stock is passed... Read More >>>
Samarth Centric Cleaner : They are Low Pressure operated Centic Cleaners with inbuilt spiral guide vanes at inlet nozzle to avoid turbulence losses.. Read More >>>
Samarth Hot Dispersion System : It comprises of Screw Press, Conveying & Heating Screw, Feeding Screw and Disc Dispersor. They are used for final .. Read More >>>
Samarth Reject Separator : The reject separator is used as tail end reject handing system for continuous removal of light contaminants. A special .. Read More >>>
Samarth Reject Screen (Hole) :
It is a Secondary Screen with
Washing Cycle to handle the rejects of Primary Screen and ensures no fiber loss... Read More >>>
Samarth Reject Screen (Slot) : It is used in Pulp Preparation with high Production Capacity. Designed for the promoting flow type structure. It Rejects Dilution.. Read More >>>
Samarth Turbo Separator : It acts as a secondary pulper and installed after HD Cleaner eliminates light and heavy contraries such as corks, adhesive .. Read More >>>
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