Samarth Float Reject Screen : The float reject screen operates on the "Primary screen reject" flow in the coarse screening loop of any long fiber Furnish ..  Read More >>>
Samarth Twin Drum Press : Twin Drum Press is basically a Thickener used for dehydration of stock prior to Hot Disperser / Kneader. The maximum .. Read More >>>
Samarth Self Suction Drum Washer : The Self suction drum thickener works on liquid displacement principle. Thickening / washing of stock .. Read More >>>
Samarth Utm Broke Pulper : It is used for all Dry Broke and Press Broke consisting of Accept Chamber comprising of Rotor, perforated screen plate .. Read More >>>
Samarth Chest Agitator : It consists of aerofoil type propellers which are agitation suspensions in vertical and horizontal chests as well as in storage towers .. Read More >>>
Samarth Couch Pit Agitator : It is Suitable for Couch Broke & Press Broke.Accept chamber comprising of perforated screen plate with sweeping vane .. Read More >>>
Samarth Pressure Screen (UB Pulp) :
It is used for unbleached pulp (Agro/ Wood based unbleached pulp) screening. The Centrifugal type designed .. Read More >>>
Samarth Knot Separator : The knot separator is used to separate large particles (knots) and impurities such as metal, stones from the fibre suspension .. Read More >>>
Samarth Open Head Box : Its main purpose is to maintain good deflocculation or fiber dispersion and good sheet formation and stability of flow .. Read More >>>
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